BONUS: Tiny, But Mighty Income Calculator

As you get started planning out your products, I want you to remember that not all products are created equal!

A product that you can create and sell over and over again (a digital product) is going to be more preferable than a product that you have to physically create each time (like a t-shirt).

That's not to say that you should make t-shirts, but I want you to have a clear picture of where you can make the most money for your efforts before you get started! This calculator may not look like much, but it's worth it's weight in gold!

NOTE: You can generally calculate about 1-2% conversion rate for cold sales, so if you're able to drive 100 page views to a product, you should be selling about 1-2 of them. Keep that in mind when filling out the number of sales portion of the calculator!

This will allow you to see where you can quickly grow!

  • Step 1: Watch this video for the full use instructions.
  • ​Step 2: Click here to get the spreadsheet from Google Drive
  • Step 3: Click File >> Make a copy to save it to your own drive
  • Step 4: Open the file inside of your own drive to edit!

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