The truth about products is that EVERYONE has something to offer their readers that will truly help them!

You absolutely can create a product in just a few days that your readers will JUMP at the chance to buy and will THANK YOU for making it available!

Do you wonder if your products are good enough? Maybe you wonder if you even have anything to offer?

With the Crystal Clear Products course, you can take all the guesswork out of the process!

Diversify Your Income!

Stop putting all your eggs in one basket with ads and diversify your income into more than one income stream.

Cut Through the "Jargon"

Get a simple, straight-forward look at exactly how to create and market a product. Find out what really matters when you're creating a paid product... and what really doesn't!

Create and Market Your Content with Confidence!

Use the videos and templates provided to create stellar cover images, sales pages that convert, and an email launch series that will have your readers buying in no time!


🙌 "I don't know where I would be today in my business without Victoria's help in building my products, funnels, and launches!

I followed her instructions and for just a few hours of work, I was able to make over $800 on a $27 product!

Victoria makes daunting tasks feel easier, yet puts in your hands powerful tools to grow your business. Her teachings have completely revolutionized my thinking about my business, which work tasks are worth my time, and they have made it possible for me to set and attain monetary goals. Thanks Victoria!"

- Kristi S. of Stone Family Farmstead

Hi there! If we haven't met, my name is Victoria Pruett and I'm full time blogger making over $150,000 a year through my homesteading blog.

As someone who has helped literally thousands of bloggers around the world pick their niches, set up their websites, write amazing posts, and create a real income through blogging, I'm here to share the true secrets of creating a successful blog.

Many bloggers suffer from the idea that making money without ads is very difficult.

But nothing could be further from the truth.

And if you're a blogger who wants to diversify and increase their income... I've got exactly what you're looking for.

But before we get into that, let me share a quick story with you... There I was, a brand new blogger, and a brand new mom, trying to make enough money to stay home with my son.

The thing is, at the time I was making only a few dollars a day from my website.

The problem was that I couldn't get enough page views to qualify for an ad network. That meant all my efforts felt wasted because I wasn't making any money, which squashed my chances of staying home with my son.

Then, as if by some miracle, something amazing happened...

I realized that I did have SOME people coming to my site, and I could create a system to help them, truly help them, that would also help me make more money through my blog.

That meant I could make money while creating products that really served my audience in a way that would change their lives, instead of focusing on just trying to get enough page views to run ads!

Instantly it became crystal clear to me how to make more money from every page view instead of just trying to get more page views, and I watched as practically overnight I was making almost $1000 a month.

My plan was to continue creating exclusive content that would help my readers on the journey they were already coming to me for.

So I started looking into my analytics to see what people were looking for... I then started creating those products in a fun and easy to use format.

After that, I was able to create a plan to help people find those products quickly once they came to my site.

Bottom line: In the end I was able to EXPLODE my income within months - taking it from $5.12 a month to over a $2000 a month very quickly.

Now I make over $12,000 a month from my blog and about 40% of that income is from my products alone!!

Building on that success, I decided to create a process that would make it really easy for other bloggers to find their own product ideas and implement them quickly and successfully.

Introducing "Crystal Clear Products"

With Crystal Clear Products I can now create products on a whim that not only serve my audience, but help increase my income as needed and then set them up to make money on autopilot with funnels!!

And that's why I'm so excited to share this with you - so you can get these types of results too!

Let me introduce you to "Crystal Clear Products" which helps you make the most of every reader, instead of constantly trying to find new readers to increase your page views!

"Crystal Clear Products" makes it simple for you to:

Create products that will truly serve your audience...

Leverage the page views you already have...

Find product ideas with ease...

Make the most out of every page view...

Diversify your income streams...

... and much, MUCH more!

And what makes this even better?

Now you never have to worry about algorithm changes that keep you from growing your page views again!

Which also means you're not stuck feeling like most bloggers think they will never reach their income potential or may give up before making any money at all.

And best of all... you'll start seeing results with "Crystal Clear Products" in about a week and it costs less than taking the whole family to a fancy dinner.

This course is for people who want a simple and effective approach to long-term income growth!

No product creation experience required!

Here's Exactly What You're Going To Get With

Crystal Clear Products

Understanding Your Product Options ($97 Value)
This guide to understanding what you have to offer and what your audience needs will show you the simple secrets to creating a clear plan for the products you want to offer so you can know that they will serve your audience well and will help you generate many ideas for continued income growth. Enjoy an income that isn't solely dependent on ads with products!

Super Simple Product Creation ($297 Value)
This step by step guide makes it easy to get your products written, recorded, formatted, and ready to sell. You'll then be able to generate high quality products that will benefit your readers and which will allow you to stop dreaming of making money from your blog and start making it a reality!

How to Write a Sales Page that Converts ($147 Value)
This training is the shortcut for you to understand all the parts of a high converting sales page which will enable you to create a sales page that highlights your products in a way that people can't WAIT to purchase them. You'll literally save HUNDREDS of hours of time and energy trying to figure out what works with these easy to follow template!

BONUS #1: Creating a Tripwire after Freebie ($57 Value)
This training makes it easy for you to offer your readers a chance to purchase your product at a lower price after they opt into your newsletter. This will show you how you can increase revenue from people who opt in for your freebies and convert those free subscribers into cash money.

BONUS #2: Creating a 4 Email Launch that WORKS ($297 Value)
This 4-email launch template is the secret to creating a set of emails, customized to your product and story, that will help convert your readers into buyers which helps you enjoy the benefit of a tried and true launch series, without reinventing the wheel. Leverage your email subscribers into income today!

BONUS #3: Creating Promo Images that Sell ($97 Value)
These premade templates makes it simple for you to create a product mockup that will give readers a visual representation of the product, get them excited about the information, and will help them convert to buyers! Includes video training for how to use them as well!

Total Value: $992
But today, you're getting all of this for only...

👉 YES! I want to save 90% and start creating products that sell!

Your Instructor

Victoria Pruett
Victoria Pruett

In 2016 when my husband came home to say he had been downsized, I turned to my blog as a source of income.

At the time it was only making $5.12 a month.

But I dove into the world of blogging and learned everything there was to learn!

Within 4 months I had replaced my husband's income completely and doubled it within another 4.

Now I make multiple 6-figures a year and I'm dedicated to helping others find their way to blogging success!

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