Does This Sounds Like Your Newsletter?

I can't find the time for my newsletter!

I'm too busy with other things to pump out more content for a newsletter!

I want to include seasonal content!

I'm tired of writing evergreen only, I want my seasonal content to shine at the right time!

It's a never-ending grind!

I spend hours each week writing newsletters!

If you’re ready to be free from the grind of writing newsletters, but still want to provide a seasonally appropriate journey for your readers… then you are in the right place!

Introducing Truly Evergreen Newsletters

What to Expect from this Course:

In this exclusive training, I will teach you three secrets that will change your newsletters forever.

After completing this course, you will know how to:

✔ SECRET #1: Quickly write newsletters that get opens and clicks
✔ SECRET #2: Easily create an automation that is seasonally triggered (no matter when the user joins!)
✔ SECRET #3: Loop your newsletter for minimal work year after year!

I Love Helping Bloggers Find FREEDOM!

Hi, I'm Victoria Pruett and I love helping bloggers create time freedom from the daily grind of content creation!
As a stay-at-home mom to an active 4 year old and a full-time blogger, I quickly learned the power that processes hold for bloggers. Especially busy bloggers!
With very little time to work during the day, processes for batch working saved my sanity and helped me grow my blog quickly without being a slave to the content creation mill. 
I have helped bloggers to completely transform their businesses and reclaim their lives though the email processes I share in this course.

Newsletter Automation Made EASY!

Stress-Free Newsletters That Works for YOU & Your Readers!

Step by Step Video Guides

Get a visual walk-through of the entire process!

Printable Workbook & Checklists

Stay on track easily as you set up your T.E.N.

Tips to Maximize Your Past Efforts

Leverage the work you've already done!

What's Included in the Course

✔ In-Depth Videos for Setting up Your Automation ($397 value)
Printable Workbook for FAST Planning ($97 value)
Printable Set-up Checklists for Each Email Provider* ($47 value)
Advanced Techniques for Customizing Your Automation Further ($97 value)

See Full Curriculum Here


💥 BONUS LESSON: The Best Format for Effective Newsletters ($97 value)
💥 BONUS LESSON: How to Leverage Your PAST Newsletters ($97 value)
💥 Membership to the VIP TEN Facebook Group ($147 value)
💥 14 days to Try ConvertKit (new customers only)

*The TEN System currently covers how to set up a Truly Evergreen Newsletter within ConverKit, MailChimp (with automation), ActiveCampaign, Flodesk, MailerLite, and Aweber. Drip, can be set up following the AWeber videos.

Total Value: $979

But today, you're getting all of this for only...

FOR ONLY: $147

Save Hundreds of Hours A Year!

The average blogger spends 1-2 hours a week writing newsletters. That's 50-100+ hours a year!

With the Truly Evergreen Newsletter System, you can have a YEAR of emails written in just a few hours of work!

And those newsletters will include seasonal content! Which means your newsletter is then fully automated for the year... and for all the years to come!

Secret #1: Quickly Write Newsletters

Stop grinding out content every week, just to feed your newsletter!

Use this system to QUICKLY write a full year of emails in less than a week.

Then enjoy the FREEDOM of knowing your list is being fed new content, even if you aren't writing new posts!

Secret #2: Seasonal Content is King

Highlight your seasonal content, without fear!

Include all your best content for each holiday and know that it's only getting delivered at the RIGHT time!

No more "evergreen" content that works all year - promote your seasonal content with confidence!

Secret #3: Loop Your ENTIRE Year

Minimize your effort year after year!

At the end of each year, spruce up your newsletters with any new content that you want to include in the next year of automation.

This is totally optional, but either way only take a few hours to complete!

"No More Stressing Over Emails!" ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

The Evergreen Newsletter is such a great idea! And Victoria lays out how to set it up so easily. Being able to write a bunch of emails all at once and have them send automatically at the right time is so nice!
No stressing about what to send out to your subscribers this week!
- Cassidy Tuttle,

"Mindblowing and so easy to set up!" ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

The Evergreen Newsletters are a mindblowing concept! Not only do you get to use existing content, but your newsletters will also be organized and planned out like you could never imagine. This program has totally removed the stress of having to cram in another post or another email campaign/broadcast.
I went from sending an RSS feed (that someone else set up for me 5 years ago) to having content going out for the next two quarters and planned for the rest of the year. My existing subscribers and my new subscribers all get appropriate seasonal emails!
This program has taken me off the hamster wheel of trying to produce content and send it out as I've done for years. I now have time to organize, plan and improve my blog because of the Evergreen Newsletter system. It's logical, flexible and a non-techy person like me can do it! It takes care of both my existing subscribers and new ones without anyone realizing I've automated things.
- Susan Moncrieff,

"This course is 100% worth the investment!" ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"This lets you have a life away from the computer!" ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Confessions of a low-tech blogger. “Hi, my name is Amber. I’ve been blogging for over eight years and I often don’t have a clue what I’m doing.” Truth be told, the back-end stuff boggles me and I often just ignore it because I can’t figure it out and I’m too embarrassed to ask for help. I mean, after eight years I should know what I’m doing, right?
Here’s where my online blog angel comes to rescue me. Victoria has created an amazing step-by-step, Amber-Proof, email course that will help even the most tech-challenged blogger can understand it.
This is coming from the woman who has paid $50.00 a month for her email service for over a year and never sent an email because the task was too daunting! If only Victoria’s course been around a year ago! Think of all the money I wasted.
Victoria helps you establish an email base that allows you to connect with your followers on a consistent basis and still lets you have a life away from the computer. No matter if you’re a seasoned vet or just off the jet, Truly Evergreen Newsletters will help your blog grow and free up your time.
- Amber Bradshaw,



Truly Evergreen Newsletters is 100% RISK FREE.

Even if there’s a just a slight chance Truly Evergreen Newsletters can work for you, you should enroll today.

Here’s why…
If you feel like you didn’t get get your money’s worth from the course, email me anytime during your first 30 days. Just you show me you followed the steps outlined in the course, and I’ll be happy to refund you fully.
But when it works…your blogging life will never be the same.

After all:
You’ll have an automated email system for at least a YEAR, you'll be sending seasonally appropriate content to your readers every week, and they will THANK YOU for it!
Meanwhile, you are FREE from needing to create content unless you want to!

So, give it a try.
Try the course and see for yourself. With my risk-free 30-day guarantee, you can rest easy.

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